Regulation Thermography

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regulation-thermographyWhat is Computer Regulation Thermography?

Computer Regulation Thermography is the measurement of exact skin temperatures over body organs. It is visually displayed in the form of graphs and diagrams for its analysis, which can offer a unique biochemical profile for each individual tested.

Each Regulation Thermogram has its own unique “fingerprint” and an individual’s profile will continue to show that same “fingerprint” until intervention strategies are initiated.

What is the History of Computer Regulation Thermography?

The use of thermography began in 1962 with its use in the detection of early breast cancer. Because these early instruments were somewhat inadequate and diagnostic criteria undeveloped at the time, thermography was dropped in favor of the more lucrative mammography. These financial factors are likely why it continues to be promoted today, despite a number of published studies failing to show any benefit in decreasing breast cancer mortality in addition to some doctors estimating that radiation involved in mammography is 500 to 1000 times that of a chest X-ray.

What Kind of Results are Produced with Regulation Thermography?

Computer Regulation Thermography involves no X-rays or radiation but it does register heat energy on the skin and re-interprets these as electronic data signals displayed on a computer monitor. The temperature patterns produced by the computer are based on data from over 30,000 Regulation Thermograms that provides your practitioner with an amazing amount of information on the body organs, dental stress, lymphatic rigidity, breast or prostate anomalies, toxic metals, intestinal dysfunction and preventive care strategies.

The Regulation Thermogram shows a stress stimulus as normal, inflammatory, degenerative, rigid or blocked. A scan will then be repeated to show how effective the intervention strategies were.

Computer Regulation Thermography is a Preventative Means of Health Care

Computer Regulation Thermography can assess the functional health of organs and systems of the body. The changes seen on a Regulation Thermogram precede disease states, making thermography a true element of preventive care.

Computer Regulation Thermography is objective, non-invasive, reproducible and reveals patters consistent with healthy or unhealthy states. There are over 12,000 journal articles or citations on thermography worldwide.

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